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Niiiiicole ^^ where are you
Sep 11 2017 05:53 PM
  • Mephistophiles's Photo
    Hehe, I have dark sides learn to live with them who cares right? I want you two to stop this little bitch fight you've been having lately I love the both of you but Magic is my one and only girlfriend, Asuna learn to accept that and we've come very far then. I want you too be nicer to each other I don't want to see all this whining on Skype all the time between the two of you, it's like sibling fights at it's finest but end it.
    Sep 18 2017 05:33 AM
  • Asuna's Photo
    i will stop and i will talk to magic i respect you i can live with your dark sides :P ok ok i accept that but i already did doesn't mean i will stop dreaming about you anyway ;) ya i'm sorry that i have been annoying lately i'm not normal either you know in the brain and i like to exactly like you study people that are different and you are very different so i'm kinda obsessed with you :P i will try to stop
    Sep 18 2017 10:05 AM
  • Mephistophiles's Photo
    Good show me respect that's what you should do it's totally fine you can study me but don't mention it all the time and no more psychopath talk =P You can be very annoying but it's OK, at least you understand that your behavior can be less amusing sometimes. I actually like that you're not normal it fills me with happy joy because I don't really like normal people think I said that like 100 times soon but that's how it is.
    Sep 18 2017 03:23 PM