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Member Colors

Member Colors

Member Colors

What are member colors?
They are colors that signify a member's status on the forum.

What colours exist and what do they represent?
Green = Registered members: All new members start off with this colour.

Yellow = Rookies: Members receive this colour after 20 posts

Orange = Regular: Members receive this colour after 100 posts.

Red = VIP: Members receive this colour after 200 posts.

Light-Green = Donators: Members receive this colour automatically after a processed donation.

Beige = Translation Team: They translate mangas/doujin's for ATF.

Pink = Gallery Mods: They are responsible for modding the gallery and for image tagging.

Light Blue = Super Moderators: They are the moderators of the forum, who enforce the rules

Dark Blue = Coders: They are responsible for maintaining the tech side of the forum.

Purple = Admins: They are the owners of the forum and run ATF.