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What is the announcement section?
Pretty self-explanatory, but this the place where the staff will make announcements relevant to the site. Announcements can vary from warnings for eventual downtimes for maintenance or general aesthetic changes to the site. Members are advised to look at every new announcement, as it may contain useful information.

What is the donation section?
Where we post anything relevant to donations. ATF is sustained by donations from our generous users and might even grow if our donations increase. Donators receive a green colored special name and a shining star, so people know you have donated to the site. Additionally, donators have a special section on the forum where they can request translations from our translation team ,but the team has the final say if they want to do the request or not.

What is the Sticky Corner section?
The place where loli, shota and ordinary hentai is shared and disussed. It is divided between various subsections that involve: video games, videos, and ordinary discussion and sharing. Additionally, anything that involves "realistic" 3D renders is put in a seperate subsection that requires a post count of 10 to be seen.

What is the general discussion section?
Where members come to meet for casual conversation.

What is the debate section?
Where members go for serious discussion about a wide array of topics. This section is closely monitored by mods for the amount of flame wars that can occur and have occurred.

What is the personal section?
A hidden section, where members can talk about their personal life. Members need at least 15 posts to view or post in this section.

What is the grey zone section?
Another hidden section, where members can talk about "grey" real life topics. Nothing in this section is illegal, but a lot of these topics aren't for everyone as they talk about the subject of paedophilia. This section also serves a secondary purpose, as we strive to help paedophiles combat their urges so they can remain productive members of society. A "no judging" mentality is key in this section and is that way for the entire forum as well. Members can only view and post in this section if they acquired 15 posts.

What is the media section?
Where members can talk about games, music and anything relevant to media.

What is the spam section?
Where people can spam to their hearts content, and have a fun time, resulting in a few busted kneecaps as a result. Post count is disabled here. The spam section has been changed to read-only due to several people abusing it by constantly making threads, burying other people's threads on z daily basis.

What is the forum games section?
The members playground for anything in forum games. Post count is disabled here.

What is the loli, shota, furry and "other" story section?
A place where members can post their self-written stories

What is the writing discussion section?
Where writers discuss about the art of writing and where tips and guides are shared.

What is the visual section?
Artists can post their own creation here. A commission subsection exists in addition so artists can post their rates, so other members might hire them. A hidden subsection exists here, where artists can share their 3D creations. Members need to have 15 posts to view or post in the 3D section.

What is the roleplaying section?
Where people roleplay with each other in NSFW (not safe for work) or SFW (safe for work) fashion.

What is the game modding section?
Game mods relevant to including loli/shota characters to interact within existing games are shared here, alongside anything relevant.

What is the game creation section?
Game developers, writers, programmers all gather here to work on projects together.

What is the general help section?
If you need help with anything in the forum, make a thread here and our staff will try to help you as soon as possible.

What is the feedback section?
Post any feedback or suggestions you have for the site here.

What is the gallery section?
Anything relevant to the gallery gets posted here. Question or suggestions about the gallery should be posted here.

How do I make an account?
You click "sign up" in the right corner and choose a username, password and a variety of other options. After it has been made, however, your account still has to be verified by a staff member, which can only be done by approving the first post you make on the forum. Afther this you can consider your account completly approved and verified.

What is the off-topic section.
A section where people can post any subject that doesn't belong in the other sections. Off-topic is not be confused with spam, however, as this will swiftly be dealt with whenever it is encountered.