Would any of you submit yourself to a loli?

Probably not.

Even though in real life I'm sexually submissive, I prefer my loli and shota to be more passive and submissive.

On the other hand, loli and shota dominating other loli and shota is hot.
I'm a bit too dominant for that. I would enjoy helping develop a kids dominant side, working with their confidence and ego to help them dominate their mother or sibling, but never myself. I think keeping me in the leading teacher role gives some needed structure to the games.
I don't think it is a case of letting the loli/shota take the lead but one of letting them explore their potential. If you don't let them control the situation, you may end up hurting them and they won't be interested in further games.
Oh yes. She can explore anything she wants. Let her happily discover what she likes, while offering a few suggestions
I would do it in a heartbeat no questions asked ;)
It's clear that the three of you aren't the dominant kind. The combination of the three of you is the best way of how I would handle my time with a loli.