The Tale of Terra

This is a a part work story that I have been working on for several weeks now. As sometime happens with my old discarded scribbling, parts of forgotten plots resurfaced in various dreams I have, and the following morning I note down the details. In this case, the context for this story came from a role play I started on another forum about ten years ago, and I had thought it long lost, but in searching for it I found it much easier than anticipated. I have attempted to retain as much of the original text from the old role play as possible, not all of it in the order it was written, and much of it corrected for spelling and grammar. I have also padded the story out with deeper descriptions of the characters, surroundings and events to transform it into a story that is readable for everyone. Even so, as it was initially a role play, the story includes the point of view of both main characters.

The Tale of Terra includes a variety of strong sexual themes. I have posted the first two parts of the story below to get you started, and each part after that will be posted every few days.

All comments, questions and feedback are welcomed.

I hope you will enjoy reading it.​
The Tale of Terra

Cluttered streets, devoid of any true beauty lined the desolate streets of a rundown city. It was a dull, grey, miserable place with nothing but the noise of passing cars and occasional footsteps beneath the canyon of towering buildings. Rain, constant as the passing hours, suppressed life as much as the city smog. Rows of block like constructions formed upon their foundations from the dark pavements below, tall and overbearing on both sides of the road as far as the eye could see. They were old offices mostly, warehouses and storage facilities that disappeared among the low clouds. A small shop on the street corner, long since closed with shutters locked down. Water falling everywhere, dripping from rooves, overflowing gutters and drains.

The footsteps came again. This time a man, dark as the sky and wearing a long overcoat and broad brimmed hat, stopped on that street corner outside the shop. He seemed unaffected by the rain, perfectly at home in such a place as though he simply blended into the background, and yet he did not belong. His coat, his shoes, his whole being was far too clean to have been in this place any great time. He was a man of the city sure, but the inner city, the busy social heart of it. He was a man of money, and a considerable amount at that. Stopped was he, unmoving on the pavement edge, standing beneath the light of a street lamp high above. For a long while he stood as silently as the night around him.

A small figure leaned against the doorway of that abandoned, closed down corner store. If a quick eye were to pass over it, they would certainly mistake it for nothing more than a pile of rubbish. It was not, however. It was a girl, dirty and disheveled. Her clothes were dingy and torn, barely even working as effective clothing anymore. She was covered in a grubby blanket, bugs crawling over the top of it. She did not care. It kept most of the rain away. The only things that hinted she was more than a pile of trash was a little dirty face framed by the blanket and dirty little toes poking out the other end. Her eyes were transfixed on the ground, as though they were not really looking at anything. She did not notice the man standing nearby. She simply sat there.

A vehicle, some form of small truck passed by, sending a shower of water across the sidewalk. The man in the greatcoat paid it no attention, though soaked once more. He waited, patiently at first, then with a glance at his watch less so. Warm still beneath the coat he remained, but slowly his patience dwindled and he began to pace. Striding slowing over the same half dozen paving slabs he walked back and forth. The time dragged out, minute after minute as he waited. The watch again, and still he waited. What he was waiting for only he could tell, though most likely some conveyance to remove him from this forsaken place. Eventually he stopped pacing and turned towards the shop. There were steps, three in total, leading to the shop door. Black railings stretched away, with rubbish and waste piled on either side. The man sat upon the top step where he resumed his waiting. Again he checked his watch.

Beside him some form of old rag, a blanket or sorts, and two cockroaches sat eating crumbs upon it. He observed them for a moment, observing as they ate and then with a gloved hand he gently shook them from the blanket. Quietly he watched as they scuttled away across the street. The little girl underneath the blanket did not stir even when he shook the blanket free of the pests. She hardly made a movement at all. Whether she noticed him or ignored him... who knew. Buried in the blanket as she was, she appeared almost lifeless out there until something tickled her nose. The rain was getting heavier, and patience was growing thinner for the man. He had been about to return the blanket to cover the sodden waste beneath it once again, when he noticed something. There was a slight movement within the pile, a rat perhaps, but no. It was not fur, though there was hair certainly, and skin. Although covered with the same dirt and grime as the rest, this skin was quite clearly pale. There was no movement now, but he spotted more of the curiosity before him, extremely pale as it was. And then she sneezed.

The man jumped uncontrollably, startled by the sudden movement. The poor thing could not manage much in the way of volume, but it was enough, catching him off guard. There was indeed life within the rubbish pile. He inspected closer, pulling away the inanimate waste from around the living until he revealed a girl no less, actual and whole, as far as he could tell. She looked weak, malnourished and barely moving despite the torrents of rain. Carefully he placed the blanket back over her and looked up. In the street a car had stopped directly in front of them, a light yellow vehicle, with numbers and writing upon the paneling. A Taxi.

The little girl looked up at the man slowly. Her eyes looked empty and distant, even when staring straight at him. Even then through the darkness her eyes betrayed magnificent pale blue. Her hair was long and reached her hips, a filthy light brown. Her skin also looked greasy and covered in grime and bruises, making it impossible to tell exactly what her ethnicity was. She did not really seem surprised that the man was there. She did not seem to be feeling a whole lot of anything, to be honest. She just stared up at him and sneezed again. With the termination of his perpetual waiting, the man stood. It was the taxi now that was waiting, though he had no mind to keep it that way. Footsteps splashed across the flooded pavement and the car door opened. The man climbed into the vehicle, the door closed and the taxi pulled away.

A few yards, no more did the vehicle travel before it stopped again. The door opened again and the man emerged. His conscience having won some internal battle, and drove him from the car and back to where she lay. He covered the short distance at a run. Reaching the girl he stopped, bent down and removed the blanket. For the first time he looked into the face of the person before him. Her eyes were quite extraordinarily blue and full of intelligence as they gazed up at him. He said nothing. With care the man lifted her from the ground. She was light, but not as slight as he had expected. Somewhat taller, she was perceptibly older than his initial impression. He carried her through the rain to the car, its door still open wide, then gently eased her onto the seat and closed the door. Then, on the other side, he got in and sat beside her. Without a word the taxi moved off once more.

The girl made no attempt at resisting the man. She had been almost dead weight in his arms, though her hand did try to grasp his shoulder. She was weak, barely lucid and for a while she appeared entirely detached from the world around her. He could not comprehend her emotional state, even if he had any knowledge of what she had gone through. Eventually though she sat up a little in the taxi and looked around, curiosity showing through her hazy expression. She looked up at the man, questioningly. No part of her was clean or exempt from the foul odour of waste and excrement, yet he showed no discomfort at her presence and said anything at all. The city stretched away, passing almost silently by in the night, mile after long and lonely mile in the pouring rain, all the while in the very back of her mind she wondered if he was taking her away to somewhere bad.

Next to the man, the girl from the street sat curled up, silent and barely moving. He studied what little of her features he could make out under the passing lights. The gentle lines of her face beneath the filth, the long wild hair that fell about her. His eyes followed the subtle curves of her body, down to her long legs and bare feet. She looked cold. Compassionately the man took off his hat and overcoat, placing the latter over the girl's legs. Now sat beside her was the same man, visibly changed. He wore a long black tailcoat with a black bowtie over a matching waistcoat and a pure white shirt. His face, now more visible held a strong handsome character, dark brown hair with flecks of grey around the edges, although a remnant of youth held on in his eyes. The man searched in a trouser pocket, withdrawing a small item. A sweet, a hard boiled sugar candy sealed in a clear wrapper. He opened it, and then with a smile he offered the contents to the girl beside him.

It had been a very long time since anyone had even acknowledged her existence, let alone shown a kind gesture to her, and she looked up at him with an element of surprise. She did not really know what to do, so she curled up in the coat and kept silent. She stared hard at the candy though. It made her salivate hungrily, and suddenly a hand shot out to snatch the candy. At first she kept it in her closed hand, feeling it as though it were a coin or rare treasured possession, and then she released her fingers and looked down at it with open curiosity. Her hand trembled, and for an instant it seemed like she was about to drop it, but quickly she forced it into her mouth as best her shaking hand could manage. It was the first thing she had eaten in days and the sweetness spilled over her tongue, dredging up happy memories and briefly she felt like a normal, carefree girl again.

For some time the man sat still with his hands clasped in his lap, watching the city go by through the misted window. Streams of water flowed across the glass pane, blurring the view with ever changing patterns. Every so often he would glance at the girl beside him. He was unsure what to make of her, this poor curled up thing beneath his coat. She looked more comfortable now, sucking slowly upon her sweet. It had been a red one, the last of a packet. He had been saving it, though for what purpose he had not perceived. Now it was obvious. When she had sucked it almost entirely, she winced and swallowed the rest somewhat painfully.

"What is your name?" He asked.

The girl seemed to be a little more active after having consumed the sweet. She appeared to be just a tiny bit more alive than before, although her movements were still very slow and careful, and her gaze thoughtfully surveyed the interior of the vehicle. She was finding it much more interesting than the drab, dreary weather of the city outside that she had grown accustomed to, yet her inspection took the appearance of one searching suspiciously for hidden clues. Even so, the sound of his voice made her recoil, and she said hesitantly back into the seat and forced her knees up towards her chin. Timidly she silently stared at him through those knees, her legs having formed a barrier between her and him. Then in a very thin, subdued voice, she formed the answer.

"Terra" She said, nothing else.

The sound of his voice had been far deeper, far harsher than the man had intended. It had only served to frighten the girl, and so returned his attention to the view outside. He said nothing more until the taxi reached its destination for fear of scaring her even more. She had at least given her name and he turned it over and over in his thoughts. Terra. It was not a common name, nor one he had known before. It was an Earthly name, one with meaning to be sure, and quite fitting in another context for the sodden creature beside him. The streets outside had become more familiar to him, despite the fogged view he had of them. He recognised the corner of the street upon which his home stood, and before long the building presented its self in the window.

The vehicle stopped outside directly as he had requested. There, not more than a few yards away, a tall tower reached high into the clouds. The man put on his hat and opened the door. The rain had stopped. More than that, a break in the cloud and a bright moon shone through. The street lined with silver in the moonlight, mixed with the golden glow of the lamp lights above. Water still streamed across the ground, still dripped from the gutters and rooftops, reflecting the light in all directions. He was home again at last. Terra looked around at her new surroundings as he lifted her from the taxi.

Again, she wondered what the man was planning to do with her. She was pretty much resigned to her fate, held as she was in his arms. Was this a prison? It could be, but it did not have the look of a prison and she could not see any fences. It looked too nice to be a prison. Maybe it was some kind of work house and she would be put to labour for the rest of her life. She had been told that happened sometimes. Or maybe he was just taking her here to kill her. She honestly did not know what was going to happen, but she was certain that it had to be better than slowly been dying on the streets. Having her short little life ended swiftly by his hand, seemed preferable to having it dragged out to starvation and disease in a gutter. She looked up at him with those empty eyes. She made no move escape and even if she did, her legs felt too weak to really get too far, if anywhere at all.

With Terra bundled up inside his overcoat, the man carried her to his home. The night was cold and he felt its chill more with no coat to protect against it. The door he pushed open, and a light came on automatically as he moved inside, dazzling him. The man moved on, careful now of his step, conscious of slipping upon the polished floor. Stairs leading up from the left, ignored. Instead he headed to the lift and pressed the button. The door opened showing an empty interior, inviting. He carried Terra in and placed her down upon the floor of the elevator car. The man pressed a button, eight, and then another. The doors closed. She clung to his pant leg and looked around, nothing she could see provided evidence that she was in danger, yet she did had no reason to trust it either.

Your story is off to a good start. From what you describe of the man's attire, he is wearing a tuxedo. So, why would he be wearing a tuxedo in a seedier part of the city? Was he there to buy drugs? Possibly, but I think not. My guess is that he is a musician who just finished a gig at a club on the outskirts and his instruments were too heavy to take with him. Given that he lives in an eighth-floor flat in the heart of the city, he has a modest income -- just enough that he can afford to take in a stray as a pet.
Thank you for posting your comments Nereus, it is always nice to receive feedback, and it inspires me to write and post more. I agree, he is wearing an evening suit akin to a tuxedo. The nature of his profession and his reasons for being in that part of the city so late at night will become clear later in the story, but I like your thoughts and ideas on the subject. Keep speculating, I will let you know if you hit upon the right answer. For now though, I hope you will enjoy the next part of the story.

- - -

With a subtle hiss the elevator doors opened. Beyond was a small hallway, almost square in shape, and a white door at the opposite end. The number eight, bold in a polished brass finish stood out on the door. He walked to it, withdrew a key from his pocket and opened it. The room beyond was filled only with darkness, unlit and unwelcoming. He reached for something within, a switch. In a sudden instant a light filled the room, bright but not glaringly so. A warm light illuminated a room that was now inviting. It was large, clean and modern in style. The man returned to the elevator, took the girl by the hand and led her inside.

The apartment he took her into was quiet, open and reasonably spacious. The door opened onto a room with a high ceiling. To the right was a kitchenette with a long breakfast table. To the left there were stairs leading upwards and a second level with a row of doors lining the balcony above. Large windows stretched from floor to ceiling, casting a view over the entire city. He looked down at the girl at his side. Terra stared at everything around her, taking it all in. She looked around the room in awe. It was so big and beautiful. She stared at everything individually, for she had never seen such an unusual, luxurious living areas. This was not a house or even a flat, nothing that she had ever seen before, at least not from the inside. It might not have been a castle or palace from the faerie tales she knew, but it was warm and inviting and extremely high up.

From the window it looked like the whole world was stretched out in front of them, the night broken by millions of tiny lights as far as could be seen. The room was clean, not a speck of dirt visible anywhere, and at its centre a small wooden coffee table was surrounded by two sofas. Terra’s eyes were drawn however to a large black rectangle that almost entirely filled the wall. It was a flat screen television, bigger than any she had ever seen before. In fact, the room was full of gadgets, some that she had no idea what they were for. Terra looked up at the man. She looked sad, but accepting.

"Are you going to kill me?" She asked.

The room was familiar to him. Everything exactly as he had left it. Tidy to the last, save a pile of papers upon the breakfast table, and the remnants of breakfast dishes on the kitchen top. Terra's question had been asked seriously, and yet it made him laugh, though he showed no outward sign of his amusement to her.

"No." He said smiling plainly at her, and then with more feeling he said it again. "You are quite safe here." He added. The man removed his shoes, his tailcoat and bowtie, folded them neatly over a chair and took her hand once more. He led her further in.

"Come," He said softly, moving towards the stairs, "The bathroom is this way." Surprise showed openly in the girl’s eyes. She did not understand why the strange man had taken her there, or why he was guiding her to the bathroom. He said it was safe, but she knew strange men hurt girls, women too. Maybe there really was a work house somewhere nearby. Or perhaps he was planning to sell her. People disappeared from the streets all the time. She looked back at the trail of little black smudges on the polished wooden floor made by her dirty bare feet, but she said nothing else. He led her by the hand up the stairs until they reached a door.

The man took her into the bathroom, her hand still in his. The room lit up as he pulled a hanging cord just inside. It was the smallest room the apartment possessed, and yet still spacious. It had the usual arrangement, a toilet, sink with a cupboard above, a shower, and a large square shaped bath, all in white. White towels lined a rail along the wall, perfectly folded. He turned the shower on, waited until the water warmed up, and adjusted it slightly for the right temperature. Then with a hand on her shoulder, he coaxed Terra under the warm flow of water, ragged clothes and all.

"You clean yourself up," He said, "and I will see if I can find you something clean to wear." He left the room. Terra looked up the water and waited for him to get back. She understood the instruction he had given, but she did not know why. She was too nervous and waited, hesitating, the warm water flowing over her bare shoulders and soaking into her tattered clothes. When he returned, the man was carrying a white shirt piled on top of something else unseen. Terra had not moved far. He found her sat down in the shower, but otherwise unchanged. Seeing him, she stood up. She did not want to get in trouble for not doing as he had said. He watched as she began to rub the dirty skin with her bare hands. Her sodden clothes were practically useless except that they still managed to cover what little modesty she had left.

“You should remove your clothes.” He said handing her a bar of soap and a flannel. Then seeing the nervous look on her face he added. “I will close the curtain.” When he had done so, Terra shed the clothes from her body and kicked them into a heap in the corner. She rubbed the soap upon the flannel, creating a creamy lather, and then applied the flannel to her skin. She scrubbed everything and everywhere, just as she used to before she had run away. From the very top of her head to the bottoms of her feet, and then she went over everything again three times until she was certain that all the dirt and grime had been washed away. Patches of her pale white skin was slightly red from the scrubbing, but she was as clean as she could be, even on the bits of her back she could reach.

@awolfofredmoon: Because you asked, I have added them to my signature with the links to my other stories here.
@DennisReed: It would be rude to ask a lady her age, but speculation is a fun game, and the answer will present its self soon enough.
For now though, here is the next part. Enjoy.

_ _ _

Perched upon the edge of the bath, the man waited. Behind the curtain he knew the stranger he had found was washing by the various scrubbing noises and occasional splashes. He was unsure what state he would find her in when at last she reappeared. Naked no doubt, but how clean he could not tell. The small pile of clothes he held in his lap. Certainly he knew they would not fit her, he had nothing remotely close. He hoped what he had would do, at least indoors. He would need to purchase something, and while he sat he considered her size, current styles and her probable tastes. The thoughts were as quickly dismissed. The answers would come soon enough and the shirt at least would cover her for now. Maybe even to her knees. But the shorts he doubted. They had no tie, nor did he have a belt, but it was worth a try. Eventually the water stopped and a head appeared. The face looking at him was indeed much cleaner than it had been, pale and bordered by hair that was blonde, not the brown that it had been. There had been plenty of soap and shampoos available, and she had made good use of it. He held out a towel for her.

Terra did not seem to be bothered by the fact that he had sat in the bathroom while she showered. She stared at the towel in his hand for a moment, trying to work out just why he was being so kind to her. Slowly she reached out a tentative hand and took the towel, as though he might have picked that moment to hurt her. She took the towel and slipped behind the curtain and dried her body quickly. He waited again with all the patience in the world at his command. There was no rush, no desire to be somewhere else. He was not used to company, or at least not company of this kind. He worked, he came home, he slept, and he returned to work again. That was his life. This was new to him. He felt sorry for the girl, left alone on the street in such conditions and wondered how she could have come to live such a life.

Her hair was still damp when stepped out of the shower again and she wrapped the towel around her midsection as best she could. When she did so, he could not but help looking at her. Her long hair, although not yet perfectly straight, flowed majestically down her back. Her eyes were much brighter now and her pale damp skin glistened as it should beneath the warm light. The towel was wrapped around her relatively well, a big sheet towel that covered from her chest, all the way to her knees. She was slim and quite small for her apparent age, a detail he was uncertain of even now, but otherwise she appeared to be healthy enough. She would need food, and a good night’s sleep. First though he passed her the shirt.

Terra felt a little uncomfortable standing here in a strange man's bathroom, naked save for the towel. It was not that she felt self-conscious, the clothes he had found her in covered less than the towel, but it had been a long time she had been clean. It felt strange to her, for she could not recall how long it was, nor when she last had a clean towel around her body. She had not even spoken to anyone in such a long time, done her best to avoid people wherever possible. She stared at the shirt the man held out. It would be far too big for her, but there was no way she could put on her old clothes. She reached out and slowly slid her hand into the offered arm hole. As she slid the other arm into the shirt though, she forgot her grip upon the towel and it dropped unceremoniously to her feet.

Terra’s body was only really exposed for a brief seconds before the shirt was pulled around to cover her, but he had been looking directly at her. Instantly he averted his eyes automatically, not wanting to embarrass the girl. She had clearly been through a lot, and he had no wish to cause her more pain. With the shirt on though he was able to look at her once more, and he saw that the garment was indeed too big, it was to be expected for it had been made to fit someone of his size, not hers. He held up the shorts to her waste. They were the right length, but there was no way they would stay up. He folded them back up, then taking her by the arm he rolled up the sleeve of the shirt until it was above her elbow. Then he rolled the other.

"If you need to use the toilet, you can go now." He said kindly. "I will wait outside." With that he walked out, carrying the shorts with him.
The door remained slightly open, but he waited out of sight. Terra did not make much noise, but she did not take all that long either, and after a few minutes he heard the toilet being flushed. The sound of running water reached him as she washed her hands. Then she waited. She waited for a full minute before she remembered that the man said he would be waiting outside. Very slowly she made her way to the bathroom door. She peeked out through the doorway just enough to see that he was still standing there, patiently waiting.

Indeed the man had not moved far at all, his conscience satisfied. He felt that he could trust her a little, at least enough that she was not going to do anything foolish. Terra appeared to be a polite sort of girl, despite living rough for a time, it did not seem like she had picked up any of the poor manners so common in the inner city youth. He had no clue to her background, nor where to start. It did not matter for now, but he knew he would have to return her to where she belonged come the morning. Spotting her head poking out of the door way he smiled as kindly as he could. Smiling was not his greatest skill by any stretch of the imagination. He tried though.

"Would you like some food?" He asked.

At the mention of food, Terra looked up at the man, and her stomach made a loud rumbling noise as though it too had heard the offer. Her eyes very slowly made their way up to his face, taking in his very being as though she were still looking for some evidence of a trap. He was smiling at her, a welcoming smile, which may have seemed a little forced to her, but not so much that he did not seem genuine in his offer. Slowly she edged her way completely out of the bathroom and stood next to him and gave him a little smile in return. Then at the effort of doings so, she blushed and looked down at the floor in embarrassment. It had been a long time since she had cause to smile at anyone, or honestly anything much to smile about.

The rumbling sound from the girl's stomach was a clear affirmation of hunger. The man set off in the direction of the kitchen, hopeful that she might follow. He made no estimate of her strength, though she had been very weak when he had found her. He descended the first few stairs before he stopped. He turned and waited, a hand held out, offered politely from common courtesy more than anything. His mind meanwhile wandered to what food was left, and what she might prefer. Terra stood there for a moment, not quite sure what to do. Being clean had not affected her timidity. She still looked at him as though she expected something bad to happen at any moment.

When the moment had passed with no sign of a threat, she summoned her strength and moved to follow him. The soft pat of her bare feet on the floor echoed slightly as she walked over to him, descending a few of the stairs until she came to stand closer to him. She stared at his offered hand, half expecting it to reach out and grab her, or strike at her, but his hand didn't move to do those things. So with a little more hesitation her slender hand slipped cautiously into his. She held on as his hand gently folded around hers, and she stood there looking at him with half trusting eyes. Not a word passed between them, but as he led the way down the stairs, she followed.

He could not explain why Terra seemed so scared of everything, nor really understand. There was no way of guessing at the life she must have endured living on the streets, and he tried not to. He was comfortable in his sheltered existence, at least that which he had built within his own home. Through the sitting area to the open plan kitchen he led her. Pushed up against the window there was a square dining table set for four. He pulled out a chair, one facing into the kitchen and offered it to Terra.

"Sit here." Was all he said, though it was kindly spoken. He continued into the kitchen, still uncertain of what Terra would eat. He settled for simple things, opened first one cupboard then another, the refrigerator for milk and eggs, bacon. A tin of soup, tomato, and bread, then plates, bowls and spoons appeared. He turned to her and smiled, warmth showing in his dark eyes. The chair was a little high for Terra, she was not a tall girl, but she had slipped onto it with relative ease and rested her weary body. She sat very quietly, her feet just able to scrape the floor, and watched every movement the man made as he moved throughout the kitchen. He was looking for things to eat, she supposed. Terra smiled back at him, sat very politely and quietly on the chair.

We don't know if Terra speaks the same language as our host. I'm assuming she does. Having never dealt with someone who is truly starving, our host is going to feed her too quickly and with too much. Hopefully, she doesn't get too sick from all that food.

By the way, our host hasn't introduced himself to Terra. As caring and courteous as he seems to be, I'm surprised that he hasn't already done so.

From your description of the apartment, this is an eighth-floor penthouse or the building was designed such that the units span two floors, starting from the sixth floor -- all floors below are offices and shops on a single level. If it's a penthouse, the city is a lot smaller than I initially envisioned. If it's one of those buildings with units on multiple floors, I could surmise that the gentleman may be of Asian descent. The number eight is considered lucky and living in unit eight on the eighth floor is double lucky.
You've done a very good job fleshing out the stories, since I cannot tell where the original role play ends and the new padding begins.

The first two chapters are a simple but well established introduction that gives the bare minimum about the characters, but actually defines the world around them quite well, giving a very dark and oppressive feeling to the story. In this chapter is hard to tell how normal the whole situation is, since we're not sure yet how that world works.

I'm more surprised with the taxi driver, who apparently had neither a moral problem with the man taking in a child from the street, but also no practical problem with a quite filthy girl getting in his taxi.

I have to commend you on the attention to location description you show in the story, it really helps in setting up the mood of the tale even without any interaction from the characters.

The man continues to be a mystery to me even after they get to his home. Just like the girl, I'm not sure about his motives, and the easygoing way in which he answers a pretty concerning question "are you going to kill me?" without surprise or any inner monologue makes him even harder to understand. For a moment I though the story was told from the point of view of the girl, with would explain why we get glimpses into her mind and not his; but apparently that is not so, since from time to time we also get thought and feeling from him, which makes it even more surprising he didn't reacted to that (is he so used to people asking if he's going to kill them?).

Even during her bath he seems way too composed, like rescuing girls in the street is an everyday chore to him. Perhaps it is, but if so his home doesn't reflects it (it lacks rescued girls, for once).

Ok, the new part sheds some light into the structure of the story, and shows that it was, indeed, a role play. I'm guessing the previous parts were written by the party controlling the girl, and that is why there was no insight into the man, while this new part was written by the owner of the man, and thus we can see the inner workings of his mind. I must confess the sudden switch in perspective is a little jarring, but giving the source material I'm guessing it would be too much work to retrofit every part to create a coherent narrative structure.

So far the story is gripping, and I do want to know more about the characters, so I hope you continue it.

Thanks for sharing with us.

@Nereus: Keep reading, the story has a long way to go and the mysteries will unravel a bit at a time.

@Tod_Naturlich: Thank you for taking the time to write such a lengthy response. Both characters are very much a mystery to each other at the beginning, so I think it only right that they be mysterious to the reader as well. Their individual personalities are focused on a lot more early on than their skills and profession, or their role in the story. The girl I wrote the original role play with had a great imagination, and I think a lot of her talent shows through in the girl's character.

As for the structure of the role play, it was mostly a quick exchange of short paragraphs of content, which I have used to build the outline of the story. There are admittedly some sharp edges where it is obvious that the point of view shifts from one character to another, and I have tried to keep the most obvious ones over the break between posts, but I did not think it affected the story that much. The content created by the original role play will reach its end point at about the same time on the following day... after that the content is all written by me. I will point the exact moment out when we get there if you wish. At any rate, the depth of detail with continue throughout, and look out for that taxi driver, he'll be back.

Anyway, thanks for reading. The story continues...

_ _ _

In a few short minutes the food was prepared. Bacon and eggs fried in a pan, soup served into two bowls. The man dished out plates, each with a different food upon it. He checked on his guest while he cooked, pleased at how well behaved she appeared. Sat so silently on the chair, she looked so very sweet in his white shirt. He considered as he poured milk into two glasses, his guest had a pure innocence that betrayed a beauty he had not seen in a long time. He wondered whether she had parents of her own somewhere, surely there were people that cared for her. The food was laid out on the table, cutlery and breads as required. He placed a bowl of soup in front of Terra, and sat down with his.

"It is not much, but you can eat anything you like." He said.

Terra watched him carefully as he sat down. Her eyes wide in awe of just how much food he had made. The smells wafted to her nose making her stomach whine in anticipation. It had been so long since she had smelt something so grand and wonderful. It was a feast to her eyes. She did her very best to keep her composure though. She did not make faces or say anything. When he set the food in front of her with all those wonderful aromas assaulting her nose, it was all she could do not to reach forward and start shoving everything in her mouth at once. Her little hands were practically shaking, and she took his words to heart. But her mother at least had tried to teach her some manners.

"Thank you." She said solemnly in her soft little voice. She put her hands together and bowed her head. "Thank you." She said again looking up at the man and this time directing it at him instead of her plate. She reached forward and slowly began to eat, even though she wanted to eat quickly. It was obvious by how her hands shook that she was restraining herself. The man bowed his head and smiled as Terra thanked him. She had even paused to say grace, he was a little surprised. For a moment he sat watching, content that his efforts were being rewarded. He could not understand why such a girl could be abandoned on the city streets, so long uncared for. The smile remained.

"Terra," He began to say, the words uncertain in his mind. "It is late now, so tonight you shall stay here. There is a spare room upstairs." He took a few sips of the warm soup from his spoon then looked at her again. “Tomorrow, I think it would be best if I take you back to your parents.” Terra stopped eating and looked up at him, listening intently. She had been eating quite heartily, although still as politely as she could, and the warm soup felt so good inside her. For a long hesitant minute or two she just sat there silent and motionless as she took in what he had said.

"Sir," She replied awkwardly, shifting in her seat. "Thank you for for being kind to me, but I do not have any parents.”
He looked at Terra, sipping on his tomato soup, deep in thought. His smile faded. Did she mean that her parents were deceased, or had they left her there? He could not tell, but there must be someone left to claim her, some relative however distant. He put the thought aside, for there was nothing to be done until morning. For now she was there and he would look after her tonight at least.

"I see." He replied. "Well don't upset yourself now. We can talk about it tomorrow." The warm smile returned and he finished off the soup. Terra nodded slowly and continued eating her soup, albeit a lot slower now. She really did have nowhere to go, no one she knew beyond those she had met on the streets. She wondered what would happen to her. The man would probably take her to some children’s home, or maybe back to the dirty shop corner where he found her, and just leave her there. She sat silently and finished her soup, making sure to eat every drop.
“Thank you, Sir.” She said again, as she set her empty bowl down.

“Please, call me Richard.” The man said sensitively, noting that the mood had changed, and Terra nodded. He finished off his own bowl, mopping the last of the soup up with a slice of bread. There was nothing left of the bacon of the eggs and he felt comforted knowing that she had eaten well. Richard stood up, cleared away the plates and bowls from the table. They would have to soak in the sink for now. When the table was empty, he went to Terra and offered his hand once more.

"I will show you to bedroom now." He said, "I am sure you are quite tired." Terra hopped down from the chair and took his hand, looking up at him with a smile. With her hand in his, Richard led her back up the staircase. Out of the window he could already see the first glow of the rising sun on the western horizon. The sun would rise in a couple more hours, still quite early at this time of year. With food inside her and a warm bed he was sure Terra would sleep well. He took her along the balcony to the furthest door and opened it. The room lit up as he pushed the switch on the inner wall and he showed her in. It was a modest room, mostly used as a study. Tall dark wooden bookshelves lined the walls, almost full. A desk and chair in the centre, and then at the back, beneath a small window was a bed.

"You shall sleep here tonight." He said, looking into her deep blue eyes. Terra produced a big yawn, and looked around the room. The luxury of a bed was very different to the concrete she had been lying upon for weeks, perhaps even months. She only nodded when he explained that this would be where she would sleep. It felt warm and inviting, but then in a passing thought she realized he was about to leave her in there alone. She looked up at him with big, worried eyes and gripped his hand firmer.

"I don’t want to sleep alone" She said anxiously. Richard looked at her doubtfully. He understood her reluctance, the bookshelves and ornaments in the room could cast some odd shadows in the moonlight, but there was little else for it. It was the only room that had a bed, apart from his own of course. She could have the sofa, but it was too noisy down there to sleep properly. He considered that he could use the spare room for one night, and let her sleep in his bed, but there was not much difference if she did not want to be left alone. He took her to the bed.

"Come now, you will be fine here. I am going to clean up, but I will be sleeping right next door if you need anything." Richard pulled back the sheets and waited until she had climbed reluctantly into the bed. "Good night Terra." He said softly, and switched off the light as he walked away. Frightened by the sudden darkness, Terra found herself all alone. She hid under the blankets and whimpered when she thought she heard something scrape against the window and the wind outside. She had always hated sleeping alone. She would end up crying herself to sleep at night on the streets, curled up under a pile of trash, trying to keep away from the shadows. As her eyes adjusted gradually to what little light filtered in from the doorway, she looked around her unfamiliar surroundings. Everything looked so scary.

Meanwhile, Richard went down stairs again. The frying pan and dishes needed washing, and he had left his jacket and tie on a chair. It would not take long at all to clear up, and he looked forward to his nice warm bed. His thoughts turned back to his guest. He hoped Terra would be fine in the room alone. At least he was not far away if she needed him. He had told her as much. She could wake him if there was anything she wanted, or if she was really scared. In his own mind he was certain that this was the right course. He finished off the last of the dishes and headed back upstairs.

Well, it seems Richard turned out to be just a normal guy, no mystery occupation or a stack of girls hidden in his home. I find it weird that now that Terra mentions the existence of orphanages, Richard had decided to take her home instead of to a hospital or the police (I'm assuming hospitals and police exists based on the existence of orphanages, a bit of a stretch, but likely).

So far, save for some punctual places, the characters had behaved in a pretty normal way, or as normal as you could expect for a girl abandoned on the street and the guy who picks her up. Being that this is an erotic story, I'm wondering how long before they actually sleep together, and how you will managed to make that seems credible.

Once more, thanks for sharing the story with us.

@Tod_Naturlich: What is normal? No, there was no stack of girls hidden in his home, but if you had a lot of girls hidden, would you really keep them in your own home? Honestly though, I cannot say what will happen and what will not, because it has not been written yet. Sex is guaranteed, but between which characters and when also remains to be seen. Keep reading, there are plenty of mysteries to be revealed.

@DennisReed: I am glad you find them sweet. Sometimes human nature can be surprising, and I like to think of my stories as studies in human nature and how people respond differently to certain situations.

The next part follows. Enjoy.

_ _ _

Terra tossed and turned in her bed. She tried to sleep but the unfamiliar surroundings, strange sounds, and scary shadows kept her wide awake. She listened intently and hoped he would come back and reconsider. She tried her very best to do as she had been told and lay in bed quietly. Richard padded up the stairs, intent now of getting some rest. He was sure he could sleep until noon in his present state. It was lucky he had the girl when he did, a good turn he felt obligated to do by simply being present at the right time. He did not believe he could have lived with himself if he had left her there.

Had she been particularly badly behaved towards him, he could not be sure what how he would have felt or acted, but Terra was well mannered and spoke politely with deference and respect beyond her years. He wondered again at her age, uncertain, but either way, he could not wish any harm upon her. No, he had been lucky. She would be fast asleep by now he figured as he walked into the bathroom. Richard washed his hands and face, and picked up Terra's discarded towel. He wrapped the towel around Terra's old clothed and threw the whole bundled up mess into a laundry basket. They could be washed in the morning.

His thoughts trailed away into the ether, turning over and over in his mind. He considered as he stood there looking at his reflection in the mirror, where she came from, where her home might be, and what he should do with her. She had said that she had no parents, but she must have a home somewhere, orphans were usually adopted. It could take a while to find where she was meant to be, and he reflected on contacting the proper authorities, and yet he also thought about her staying. The notion was dismissed quickly, but it appeared again in his mind before he could get any further. Could he keep her? Was that fair?

He had always wanted a family of his own, but the opportunity had never presented its self. A daughter would be a blessing, and this did seem like a perfect opportunity. He would treat her well of course, and although he would never consider himself rich, he could afford to look after her. Even pay for a decent school for her, the best. But she was not his, and again he dismissed the thought before it went too far. He flushed the toilet and washed his hands once more. He was about to leave when he paused, turned, and went back. Thoughtfully he placed the toilet seat down and then the lid.

Rain pelted loudly against the window and Terra could not stand it anymore. She could not stay in this room, for it was far too scary. She shuffled herself out from under the covers and made her way across the cold wooden floor to the door. She pried it open slowly, and then quietly shut it behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief at just being out of the room and in the lit hallway. She was pretty much naked except for the overly big shirt that covered her body almost to the knees. She could hear Richard still in the bathroom as she padded past and quietly slipped into his bedroom. Thankfully, his room was well lit and her bare feet slapped the floor as she moved. Richard had a much larger bed than the single one in the spare room, big enough for three people to sleep in. She crawled up on top of it, and filed herself under the blankets somewhere about the middle of the bed.

Richard yawned. He could feel tiredness upon him as he left the bathroom and only a few short steps brought him out onto the balcony and a few more to his bedroom door. Gratefully he walked in, switching the light off as he entered. He knew the room so infinitely well that light was not necessary to find where he needed to go. Before he reached the bed he had removed his shirt. It landed on the floor as his trousers were unclasped. He pushed his underwear over his hips and the two garments slipped lovingly to his ankles together. He stepped through the wholes with practiced ease and sat on the side of his bed. Lastly his socks were peeled off and left upon the mounting pile. Richard was used to sleeping naked, one small luxury of living alone. Occasionally he had brought women to his bed and had grown comfortable sleeping without clothes. These days he had even taken to walking around his apartment in the buff when completely alone, though he had given the cleaner a shock once or twice. Richard climbed into bed, entirely without knowledge that his guest was present. His eyes closed as he pulled the blankets over him, relaxing at last.

For some reason the initial description of the city, how Richard was waiting for something, and the fact that Terra was abandoned there, made me think this story transcurred in an alien world, or at least an alien society. Those initial thoughts were reinforced when Richard's inner monologue failed to appear, increasing the mystery around him.

Since they entered the house, the story has taken a turn into much more common territory, where orphanages and schools exists, and Richard appears to be a normal bachelor in the age of wanting to start a family. Terra, that at the start of the story appeared as only a small part of a biggest mystery, has turned into the main weirdness.

Regardless of how the story moves from here on, I'm liking it quite a bit, I'm curious about the how Terra ended up half dead on the street, and perhaps in the future Richard will once more challenge my expectations with a surprise reveal.

For now I'm eagerly waiting for Richard's reaction to having a half naked girl on his bed. Or perhaps he'll be so tired he won't notice and Terra will be the one to make some discoveries. I will continue reading as long as you decide to keep sharing.

@Tod_Naturlich: "I will continue reading as long as you decide to keep sharing." Never fear, I have a lot to share. But as I say, the more feedback and support I get, the more inspired I am to write and share more. Below is 7th part of this tale, you may be pleased to hear that I am currently working on the 14th part.

_ _ _

From almost the moment his head hit the pillow Richard was drifting off into the distant subconsciousness of sleep. His mind settled and the sensation of deep warmth filling his body. It was a pleasant feeling, soothing, and his mind prepared to dream brought him thoughts of a woman lying beside him. The corner of his lips creased upwards in a smile of fulfillment and he rolled onto his side. His roll brought him closer to the unnoticed Terra, settling comfortably upon the mattress. His arm followed him naturally across his body as he rolled and rested on something soft beside him. It was not the flat bed he expected, but it was cotton. A pillow maybe, it was the most logical explanation. His eyes stayed closed, unconcerned for his mind assured him that his hand was on a pillow. He reached over it calmly and pulled it closer, certain of its comfort.

Terra felt his weight shift the bed. He was so close she could reach out to touch him but as he rolled over Terra became suddenly aware of having him so much closer, his arm wrapping its self around her. The sensation was quite strange, for although he had held her once before, carried in his arms from the car, this contact was quite different. The location was far more intimate and she wore nothing but the white shirt he has given to her. Richard appeared to be asleep by the easiness of his long steady breaths, but his hand gripped her as though with a certain meaning. His arm lay across her body just above the hip, so that his palm gripped the middle of her back. She could not tell whether he had meant to hold her, or if he was even aware that she was there, but she liked it.

It was not remotely what she had thought her reaction would be, or even what she had expected in herself, but beneath Richard’s powerful arm she felt safe. For a long time Terra had thought it impossible that she could ever feel safe with anyone again, especially not a man. Her trust in humanity in general had been dealt several hard blows in rapid succession, and she had hardened herself against the world. Yet this stranger had walked by and swept her away at a time when clinging to life had little meaning to her, and in mere hours his kindness had broken through to reach her in a way she could never have imagined. It was not a dream, she could tell by the growing discomfort in her arm, and she shifted it carefully from where she had been laying on it.

As she done so, her hand momentarily brushed something soft and unusual under the covers. It was the briefest of touches, but the warm, unexpected texture that made contact with the back of her hand was so strange and out of context in her suddenly alert mind, that she retraced the movement until she felt it again. Terra reached her hand out tentatively, feeling her way between the bed sheets, while trying not to reach too far over as to poke her fingers into Richard. Nothing seemed to be there though, and she was almost about to give up when she found it again. It was indeed soft, somewhat rounded at the end, and appeared to be poking into the mattress at an odd angle, roughly level with her thighs and the bottom of her shirt.

Delicately Terra wrapped her fingers around it, and there on the fleshy rod they stayed. She squeezed it a few times, trying to figure it out. The effect of this squeezing had an intriguing effect upon it though, for it became ever so slightly harder and more pronounced. It reminded her of skin, but clammy and almost damp to her touch, long like a finger or thumb, but much thicker. In some ways it reminded her very much of… Terra recoiled at the startled realisation of what it most certainly was, and instantly let go.

"Uhh?" The sudden movement woke Richard. He opened his eyes and looked straight into the youthful face of his guest as it poked out from under his blanket. "Terra, what are you...?" A momentary realisation washed over his face, a passing thought. The protest she had made in the spare bedroom, her desire not to be left alone flooded from his memory. Her eyes betrayed her fear, literal terror, and two more thoughts passed through his mind. The first was where Terra's hand had been when he woke, while the second was that he had not been holding a pillow at all, he was holding her. The unconcealed fright on her face though washed away his immediate annoyance, and although he maintained his initial conviction, he could not bring himself to upset the girl. "Ok. I guess you can stay in here tonight.”

Terra smiled up at him. She no longer looked scared. The poor girl had looked scared from the moment they had arrived at his apartment. Now she appeared to be more comfortable, sleepy and altogether more content. Her long, unkempt hair pooled on the pillow where her head lay, resting slightly on his shoulder and he could feel her every movement under his arm. She had climbed into his bed and waited for him, no doubt wanting to be near him, and she could not get much closer. Upon reflection it probably was not the proper thing to do, letting her sleep in such close proximity to him and he rather hoped he would not come to regret it later. But to his mind it seemed right, and what Terra needed to settle and feel at ease, which is all he really wanted for her.

Gradually both of them drifted back off to sleep. As comfortable though she was, Terra wriggled slightly under the covers as she slept, shifting herself further up the bed. In turn, Richard slid his other arm under her, keeping her close. She did not really pay it any conscious attention, but the hand that had been upon her back settled lower once she had moved, until it rested upon her right buttock. His warmth next to her gave a sense of safety that she had never realised she needed until he was there. Richard had not meant for his hand to be on her at all, and particularly not where it eventually ended up. Yet once it was there he made no attempt to move it.

It was at some indeterminate point between falling asleep and waking the following morning that he became aware of where he was holding her. However much his head told him to move his hand though, it remained. Terra had made no complaint, nor pushed his hand away, perhaps because she was in a far deeper sleep than he, or maybe she accepted it, even liked it. The latter concept struck him as being very wrong, entirely inappropriate and he pushed it out of his thoughts. She was a homeless girl, rescued from the streets that very night, he knew nothing about her and he had no right to take any advantage from the situation. But in contrast to his intent to ignore this deplorable notion, he could not help by notice the pressure build within him. Then all of a sudden, she rolled over.

Terra tilted her head, shifted her arm under her and her body quite literally flopped into a near perfect reversal of her previous position so that she now had her back to him. In doing so, she had rolled closer to him, so close that her back pressed against his chest. Her hair fell into his mouth and tickled his nose, forcing Richard to brush it away before it caused him to sneeze. Moreover, her soft posterior pushed into his crotch and wedged his erection between her thighs. When erect his penis had a reasonable length to it, probably a little over six inches, though he had never been vain enough to calculate its exact measurements.

Even so, Richard worried that having it poking into her as it was would cause her to wake. He thought of putting some clothes on, but then dismissed it. He felt slightly awkward lying nude beside her and the thought of explaining his nudity or indeed his erection if she saw it, was not doing anything to help him sleep. More thoughts poured into his head and he began to wonder whether perhaps he had eaten too much food before bed, although he decided it was too late to worry about that. In any event Terra did not wake.

I was wondering who was going to initiate the contact, and I'm glad to see it was Terra, especially seeing how it was just curiosity until she realized what she was touching. I'm also very pleased that you're taking your time with the story, not jumping at sex at the first opportunity, but letting it build up in a more natural and rewarding way.

When Terra eventually stirred, their positions had barely changed. A long, slender shaft of bright sunlight found its way between the curtains to fall across her face, and she blinked against it. She could feel Richard’s presence so very close behind her, only the thin material of the shirt between her and him. Her small frame slotted quite perfectly next to his like two spoons placed together. Terra might have blushed if she had been aware that it was his penis that she could feel poking into her leg, but having woken from a deep and satisfying slumber, her overwhelming desire was a desperate need to pee.

Carefully she lifted his arm from where his hand had been laying across her stomach, and shuffled herself from under it. Then she pushed back the covers and slid from to bed, feet first onto the cold hard floor. A glance back showed her that she had escaped the bed without a flinch from her host, and she quietly edged her way to the door. He looked perfectly peaceful sleeping there on the bed and she smiled as she moved along the landing. Terra remembered that the bathroom was on the upper floor, but not which door led into it, and she looked in through the first door she came to. The bathroom it was not and she found herself staring into the spare bedroom. In the morning sunlight the room looked much brighter and a lot less scary. But she still backed away from it all the same.

The passage way between the rooms on the upper floor was walled on one side, but the other only had a rail with glass panels. Beyond there was nothing except a drop to the lower floor, where the windows stretched all the way up over two stories to the ceiling. The city spread away beyond that in a beautiful dawn vista. Other buildings rose high into the sky closer to the city centre, but they seemed to be much smaller at this distance than they did from the street around them. The next door did provide her with access to the bathroom and she stepped through it towards the toilet. Terra lifted the lid, pulled up the bottom of the shirt and sat down.

The shirt had a lot of material that behaved more like a cocktail dress than its designed purpose, and it was difficult for her to hold all of it out of the way at the same time. Considering that it was a lot warmer in Richard’s home than she was used to, she unbuttoned the front of the shirt and pulled the excess behind her. It crossed her mind to take it off completely, but if Richard caught her naked she figured that he might not be too pleased. With the shirt out of the way though, she began to pee, content that the shirt would not get wet. It looked so white and clean that she could not wish to get a mark on it.

The trickling sound of flowing water emanated from toilet bowl as a stream of urine flowed forth. She felt the tension in her midsection ease, and a state of comfort returned. Terra pulled a few sheets of paper from the roll and scrunched them up as she waited for the flow to end. A few spirts later and she was done Terra placed the paper between her legs. The soft, quilted texture of the paper brushed gently across her urethra soaking up the last drops, then up over her clitoris. A warm, tingling feeling ran through her body and she pushed the used paper into the toilet, stood and pulled the handle that flushed it.

Terra washed her hands and dried them on a towel, then made her way back to the bedroom. Despite how light it was in the apartment, she did not feel comfortable walking around it on her own, or touching things that did not belong to her. Everything looked so very expensive and experience had taught her that expensive things were much easier to damage. Richard was being nice to her now, but she was certain he would not be if she ruined something. Men could be really aggressive when they got angry or upset. The bedroom also had the benefit of the nice soft bed to lie down on.

On returning, she found that Richard had rolled onto his other side but was otherwise still fast asleep. Terra climbed up onto the bed and lay down almost exactly where she had been, but in doing so she found that the covers were no longer there. At least they were not covering that part of the bed. Where he had rolled over, Richard had dragged the sheets with him and was hogging them all to himself. Pouting, she reached over and took a hand full of the sheets and tried to pull them back. It was not an easy task, as pulling too hard could wake him. So she tugged with only as much force as she dared. For a moment she thought her attempt was going to be successful, and then it all went wrong. Richard stirred, and slumped towards her and lay back flat upon the mattress.

She frowned at him, for although he had rolled towards her, the covers had not. They had stubbornly refused to move with him. In their stubbornness however, the sheets, or more accurately their absence, had revealed Richard’s bare chest and stomach. His torso rose and fell in a steady motion that Terra might have found mesmerizing, or even hypnotic had her gaze not been drawn instantly to something far more intriguing that had also become visible. Immediately apparent to her was that Richard wore no more clothing upon his lower half than he did on his upper body. The bed sheets covered around his knees and lower legs, but his midsection was plain for her to see. It was quite a lot of his body that was actually visible to her, but with no reasonable explanation she found herself staring at just one part in particular.

Green fields, clouds and blue sky faded from Richard’s recollection as he was torn from his dream. The colours that had swirled around the back of his eyelids dissipated and then collected. It had been a pleasant dream, vivid and filled with intense yet soothing colours. But they were quickly replaced by a light. Soft morning sunlight filtered in from the window, slightly compressed by the narrowness of the gap between the curtains. Bright even through his closed eyelids, and he chose to keep them that way, ignoring the waking world around him in favour of subconsciousness. A warm, pleasant sensation filled him with merry contentment.

The fingers wrapped around his penis rubbed and probed its length, gently massaging the loose skin against its harder shaft. The erogenous nerve endings relayed a blissful sense of sexual pleasure that he was accustomed to enjoying first thing when he woke up in the morning. But lying on his back as he was, Richard gradually became aware that it was not his hand that was providing the service to his cock. The fingers were softer than his, more slender and belonged to a much smaller hand than he possessed. Its motions were tender but unpredictable, as though they were more exploratory touches than a deliberate masturbation, as though there was an uncertain inexperience in the hand’s owner.

He searched through his memories of the night before he attempted to recall his actions, for any notion that he had slept with a woman. A vague memory of the night before floated back. A girl had slept in his bed. He was not sure. It was his bed, she had stayed over. Had they done anything? No, he did not remember it. There was no recollection of them having sex the night before. He was naked though, she was most definitely the one manipulating his cock, and she doing a reasonably good job of it too. Such a nice feeling it was, his erection hardening so that it pulsed between her fingers, and he wanted it to continue at least for a while longer. He remained still, his eyes still close.

An excellent flow of the story, and great buildup so far. I really want to know more about Terra, not just her backstory, but more details about her personality, and in this chapter you delivered. She mentions that "Men could be really aggressive when they got angry or upset", which makes me think she's had some experience with angry men, yet clearly she has no sexual experience and is willing to go touching an almost complete estranger down there. This tells me that her curiosity is greater than her fear, which is a much more involved way to show her personality that just stating "she's a curious girl", so congratulations.

I wonder if Richard will really wake, or if he would go back to sleep amidst the pleasant sensations, thinking it was all a dream when he finally does wake?

As always, thanks for sharing with us.

Enjoyment in the moment only lasted a minute or two before total recollection of the situation was restored to him. The only other person there was Terra, the stray he had found on the street that night and taken home out of an unusual sense of duty. He opened his eyes with a start and focused on Terra, a look of deep concentration upon the soft youthful features of her face and her hand continued to explore his manhood.

“Terra, what the…” He began, still dazed and quite confused. She looked up, bright eyes sparkling in the sunlight. But as she caught the expression on his face, she recognised something like pain, her eyes dropped and she frowned.

“I wanted to make you happy.” She declared honestly, wondering whether it was working. She thought it had been until he woke up. Unsure now though, she added. “My dad always wanted me to make him happy.”

“You should probably stop now.” He said, propping himself up on the pillow.

“Oh.” She frowned again and removed her hand. “Well, he wasn’t really my dad.” She said as she sat up in a hopeful attempt to explain.

“He made you do this for him?” Richard asked, more from concern than curiosity. Terra smiled back at him and nodded. “What are you, fifteen or sixteen?”

“I’m not that old, silly.” She giggled. He was not surprised at this, he was no great judge of ages and Terra was unusually difficult to read, but she did not entirely answer his question. She was not of legal age, that much he comprehended and somewhat regretted, but her response was still ambiguous. Yet something about her answer brought to mind the old adage that it was impolite to ask a girl her age. An antiquated notion, but it was enough to give Richard cause not to push the matter. He understood enough though, to know that taking advantage of Terra sexually would be very, very wrong. Yet in trying to find the right words to explain that to her, all he achieved was a long, awkward silence.

The awkwardness of the moment became more apparent when Richard realised that he was staring at her. There was a certain beauty in her youthful looks that he could not quite clarify in his mind. Whether it was the liveliness of her long, sand coloured hair, the brightness of her eyes or her joyful smile that drew him in, he was not sure. None of these qualities had he seen the night before, perhaps due to the sorry state he had found her in, or maybe just because she had been so scared to begin with. The morning had brought a considerable transformation in her very being, and now that he was fully awake, she was all the more visible to him. Yet her facial features were not all that he could see, and his eyes were drawn to the gap in her unbuttoned shirt.

He did not intentionally look at her chest, for his intention had been to look away entirely in the hope of hiding his embarrassment at having been staring at her in the first place. But as he had done so, he caught a glimpse of something unexpected, and his eye involuntarily fixed upon it. Poking out from the white shirt was a pink nipple, her right nipple slightly darker than the pale skin around it, and the more he looked, the more he saw. The protruding nipple was mounted upon a plump rounded breast, petit and not fully developed, but quite in proportion to the rest of her and almost identical to the other one next to it. Her delicate frame looked soft and although several bruises could be seen, her skin looked almost entirely unblemished.

All the time he had been thinking, propped up by his elbows on the bed, Terra had stared intently at his rock solid erection. It twitched before her, but otherwise remained standing tall and hard. He was struck by something that she had said, a comment about her father that he had nearly missed. No not her father, her stepfather maybe. Either way, his was not the first penis she had held in her hands, so she had declared quite proudly as though she meant to convince him that what she was doing was alright. The thought of someone else performing sexual acts on Terra repulsed him even more than he had been already, and having grown conscious of her captivated gaze, he pulled the bedsheets forcefully over to cover himself.

Terra jumped, startled by the suddenness of his movement and fell back. He sunk onto the bed, and pulled the blanket up almost to his chin.

"Did I make you mad at me?" She asked.

"No," He replied, then feeling the word sounded harsh, he repeated it softly. "No, I am just very tired." His head sunk a little deeper into the pillow. Terra climbed down off the bed and stood up “What are you doing?” He asked, but she did not answer. Softly she paced around the bed and across the short distance to the door.

"Come back to bed." Richard said, but it was too late, she had gone.

I am actually not a very critical reader. Once I start reading a story I can completely fall into the world the author tries to create.

If such a thing doesn't happened with the first chapter I stop reading most of the time. This story is one of the most... I don't know how to describe it in English. What I am trying to say is that is that the story reads like watching a virtual movie. Like you are actually there.

Does that make any sense? I try to say it differently. If it was printed on paper. It would be a real page turner. Because I think it's really great and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.