Off to Adventure! (McWillx)


The red-haired elven boy donned his wizard robes and grabbed his staff. His master was asleep, his bags were packed, and it was time to leave on an adventure. He'd left a note for the crotchety old bastard, which was really more than he deserved. The fact is the man barely taught him anything and spent most of his time drinking and singing off-color tavern ballads...badly. He supposed Maringas had likely been a great wizard in his day, but that day was long past, it was time for him to put what he'd learned to the test on the road. The town had a job board and adventurers were always welcome. Fortunately, he had a partner to help him out.

He stepped out into the bright, sunny day and shielded his eyes. He'd always wanted to get out and see more of the world beyond this dull little village, now he was finally going to get a chance. Fame, fortune, and arcane knowledge awaited him and he couldn't feel more optimistic about the journey ahead. "Right then, off we go," he said cheerfully and turned to head toward the town square where the job board was set up. His master would sleep for a few hours yet.

A couple of early risers waved to the elven boy who looked, for all intents and purposes, like a ten-year-old human lad but of course like many elves he was a bit older than he appeared. He waved back but didn't mention where he was going, reaching the town square in good time. No sign of his partner yet, she was probably sleeping in a little. Well, he wasn't worried, it gave him a chance to look through some of the options on the job board and think about where to start.

"Rats in the tavern basement? Gah, no! That's just asking for trouble...EVERY epic adventure starts with killing rats in someone's basement if you believe the bards. Missing pet? Eh, it's just Fluffy, he probably just hid under the bed, I'm not going to waste my time...ooh, treasure map for sale? Maybe, maybe...if it's real..." he continued looking through postings finding a handful of promising ones and not even noticing that his partner had arrived.
A loud bang is heard throughout the house. The young girl's eyes open in alert from what she thought was a nice dream. Of course, most dreams she has are better than what she wakes up to. She climbs out of bed and heads to the living area. The sun is shining in the windows, making it clear she slept in. Looking around briefly, she sees what made the noise.

A man lays on the floor with a spilled tankard of ale lying next to his hand. The girl rolls her eyes, "Ugh, figures." she says as she heads back to her room to get dressed for the day. Her father worked hard to make the coin for his family, but he spent at least half of it on ale. To make up for this, the girl started to seek work on her own, and today was the day she was meeting with a friend to, hopefully, find something that could make her not rely on her drunk of a father.

She gets dressed up in her adventure gear, which was simply a pair of brown leather pants and a black tunic. She had found a short sword lying on the ground the other day after a fight broke out in town, so she kept it for herself. No need letting it go to waste. After strapping a satchel to her side, she heads out the front door.

As she heads through town, she looks for her partner. It's hard to see passed all the people sometimes since they are all much taller than she is. Finally, she arrived at the town square where her partner would most likely be. She finally spots him checking out the job board and walks up to him. Thinking she would be funny, she walks up behind him slowly, hoping he would not notice.

"Hey!", she shouts out when standing directly behind him, hoping for a successful jump scare. "Did you say 'treasure map'?"
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Jeremy nodded in agreement, adjusting his spectacles as he spoke. It was good that she was here...he'd never manage adventuring alone, he needed someone to stand between him and the various enemies. Some of the other boys teased him about hiding behind a girl, but he'd never let it bother him...he was himself, she was herself, and their talents complimented each other nicely so what was the problem?

"It's probably fake," he said dubiously, looking at the ad again. "I mean...this place is a backwater. Who's going to advertise that they have a treasure map in a little town like this? On top of that, why not go get the treasure themselves. Still...can't hurt to check it out, right?"

He motioned for her to follow and led the way down toward their destination...the village tavern. It was pretty much empty at this time of day, virtually no one in the village drank during the morning since everyone had work or chores to do, but sometimes people stopped for food, travelers and such. Today there were a couple of people sitting at tables, but Jeremy's eyes were drawn at once to a mysterious old man sitting in the corner. His long, white beard went down almost to his knees and he sat with his hood over his face. "'s a mysterious old man in a dark shadowy corner...this one might actually be genuine," he muttered. Boldly, he approached the other. "Excuse me? We're here about the treasure map."

Cassius the slaver (in a very clever disguise) opened up one eye and eyed the two children critically. They were perfect...the boys would have some fun with them. I mean really...who would be foolish enough to sell a treasure map in a village like this? Some people were so naive. "Ah yes, it came into my possession many years ago but alas I was never able to search for it and now I fear I'm too old. Would you kindly go and seek it? It's yours if you find it, I just want to see what it looks like."
The girl glances once at the treasure map with a raised eyebrow. "Why would it be fake? What's the point in placing an ad for a fake map?", she asked. "Even if it's not very valuable, I still want to see what it is."

Jennifer follows Jeremy when gestured and rolls her eyes when they get to the tavern. She had been to this tavern several times since it was her father's favorite place in town, but never at this time of day. When Jeremy sees the old man, she looks in his direction. Something didn't quite look right about him, and she may have been able to see through his disguise if she had looked closer, but she was currently being blinded by her desire to find out more information about this treasure map.

She listens as Jeremy and the old man talk about the map. "Hah, you see? It's a real map after all.", she says to Jeremy. Looking back at the old man, she adds, "Don't worry, old man. We got this. When we find the treasure, maybe we'll buy you some new clothes or something." She gestures at the old man's hood. "So where is this treasure?"
Admittedly, Jeremy wasn't sure why someone would place an ad for a fake map. It was kind of an odd thing to do after all...why would anyone reasonably do something like that? To lure adventurers out to rob them, probably, but the two of them were clearly kids without any real money between them so chances are someone wanting that would have waved them off and waited for richer prey in a good combination of inexperienced, careless, and well-off...a noble out for a bit of excitement, perhaps.

He put his concerns aside and sat Jennifer as the two of them listened to the man speak about the map. "You're right, it does look real," he agreed. The pages were old and weathered, the parchment crinkly under his fingers. "I guess there's something to this after all."

The old man smiled and turned to Jennifer. "Oh, that's so kind of you, missy. The treasure's out in the hills about a half-day's travel from here. Red-eyed Gurkan the bandit lord buried it in a cave in the hillside, sure that no one would ever look this close to civilization for his loot. I knew a man who was part of his band and he gave me this map on his deathbed, wanted me to find someone who'd put the coin to good use. Guilty conscience, I suspect. Anyway, it's yours, I just ask that you bring me back even just a fifth of the loot for giving you the're facing the danger so I don't mind if you take most of it for yourselves, but even that much should be enough for me to live well on."
Jenny was actually trying to insult the old man about what he was wearing when she offered to buy him new clothes, but she just rolled her eyes and shook her head when she was thanked.

She sat at the table and pretended to listen to the old man's story. Even though she should have been listening, Jenny just ignored all the backstory of who the treasure used to belong to and only focused on the location. When hearing about the cave, she leans toward Jeremy, "There's a cave around here?" she asked. "I don't remember any caves this close to the city."

When hearing about what the old man wanted, she rolls her eyes once again. "Ahh, so you do want some of it." She starts to count on her fingers how a fifth would work out. Jenny wasn't the best at math, let alone fractions, so she just gave up after a few seconds of trying and then shrugs. "I guess that sounds alright to me, depending on how much there actually is." She turns to Jeremy, "What do you think? Wanna go find some treasure?"