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And I'm sure that once one did give him the time of day and started something, he'd be loyal. He wouldn't suddenly flirt with the next Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny he sees. He only comes across how he does cause he's desperate, having to spend so much of his time he could've spent having a girlfriend at a normal age by taking care of all of his younger siblings, some of them were very picky too. He was good at remembering which ones only liked this or that, and catered to all of them, making them happy. He only ever forced things on them I bet when it came to any few punishments he had to give out.


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yup, pry also a good reaction to any one who takes a shit in front of lfe or watches animals fuck and shit

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Mama's Boy, Auntie's Pet, etc...
I'm in the latter of those two groups. We laugh/shake our heads when places in the deep south states call off school over just the slightest snow. Especially when it's big, bad, 'tough' Texas.


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Meh, I'll do it later.
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