Private Beastmaster (Latscry)

Auryx napped well though a while later she'd feel him moving and letting out soft growls. The coatl having a particularly interesting dream as he started to coil around Alice protectively.
Auryx slowly curled around her and squeezed her trapping her in his warm coils as he continued to grumble in his dreams. the serpent huffing and flapping his wings a few times tickling her skin with his feathers.
Alice was still on deep slumber, so even though Auryx was tickling her, other than a few squirmimg motions, her body didn't protest in the slightest.
Auryx growled in his sleep and as he rubbed against her his cocks started to poke out again slowly getting bigger and leaving small wet trails along her skin. They were smaller in his shrunken state but still more than enough to fill Alice up. The sleeping male coiling around her when she squirmed and giving her a small squeeze.
Auryx was still asleep his cocks twtiching against her belly as he huffed and growled squeezing her a little bit tighter as his wings fluttered against her bare skin.
Auryx growled softly but as she pet him he seemed to slowly calm down still squeezing her tightly as his body writhed around her, his cocks tickling her abdomen as he started to slowly wake up. His eyes fluttering as he gave a small yawn and then frowned as his eyes opened "hmm? mistress Alice?" he held still for a bit and then looked surprised "oh! I'm sorry" as he started to uncurl from around her.
Auryx blushed some as she said that "but I thought i was squeezing you a bit to hard" he said as he stopped uncurling. He fidgeted "and I appear to be making a mess" he told her glancing at her belly which was smeared with pre.
He settled down when she said it was fine and just stared at her and then chuckled "such a silly mistress I have "as he gave her a firm squeeze and just laid ontop of her leaving her trapped in his embrace as he laid his head between her breasts.
Auryx flared out his wings and sputtered "well... I was protecting you! and then you were pleased with me so you were giving me lots of attention and plishing my scales" he told her his cheeks flushed slightly as he flicked his tongue out against her skin.
Auryx stared at her as she moaned he hummed and fidgeted slightly "well I would certainly enjoy it if you did but you don't need to do so right now" he told her as he lickedd her breasts again. Auryx's cocks still wiggling around on her abdomen as he blushed a bit more.
Auryx peered at Alice and he noticed she seemed a bit flushed as he licked her chest "mmm mating again would make a bit of a mess, but perhaps you would like me to lick you some more?" he asked playfully as he squeezed her again his scales rubbing against her a bit more noticibly as he purred. He was nicely charged up after sharing mana, eating and that short nap.
Auryx started to move around slithering his coils all moving as he somehow managed to turn himself around of sorts, his crotch and dual cocks now resting where his head had been and his head nosing between her legs. He sniffed the air when he noticed she was damp he purred and then eagerly began lapping at that damp pussy.
"Ah... Ah... Oh, Auryx..." She murmured as her companion as he stopped and turned back towards her, trying to encourage him with her words. He started up again and she squealed happily, enjoying being held tight and used at Auryx's mercy.
Auryx's wings fluttered when she squealed and he used the feathers to lightl tickle her thighs as his tongue continued to greedily assault her pussy. The long appendage licking around her outer lips and wiggling between her folds to tease her clit before probing her depths. His snout starting to get a bit damp as she got wetter, his cocks wiggling between her breasts as he pleasured her.
She began giggling as he tickled her, her melodious laughter filling the air around them. Auryx's tongue was actually causing a fair amount of sweet fluid to run out of her, and was bringing her close to orgasm already. She wanted to help Auryx with his dicks, but they were too low to reach woth her tongue.
Auryx looked up as he greedily lapped up the fluids starting to leak out trying to keep up. He hummed and then continued to tickle her with his soft feathers. Unless she said anything his cocks would continued to dribble out pre cum on her chest and wiggle around showing off their prehensile nature for her to watch while he ate her tasty little pussy.
"A-ah! A-auryx... I wa-wanna... Make y-ou feel good~" She managed to moan out between shortness of breath, and laughter due to the tickles. His dicks were right there in front of her, so close, and she wanted to repay the favour to him.
Auryx glanced up still licking her as his eyes met her's and he slowly adjusted himself. He moved his crotch area slowly towards her face while he continued greedily eating her pussy. His cocks now close enough for her to reach with her mouth. He flexed them and the two appendages working together as they reached up and gave her nose a little squeeze before pulling back and wiggling in front of her.