Animal genitals or human genitals?


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Shafts or sheaths? Cunts or cloacas? Lipstick or mushroom?

Personally I prefer them to be accurate to their species, but I think sheaths are more aesthetically pleasing on furries as a penis covered in fur does not translate into good vaginal hygiene.



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I think it depends on the art style. While I usually prefer the genitals to be accurate to the species, or to be different from human genitals in general, there are cases of anthropomorphised animals/fictional creatures where I think human genitals look great, especially when drawn well. I'm general more aware of animals penises than other genitals so keep that in mind.

The more human the furry looks, the more human genitals would fit, and the more animal-like it looks, the more their "original" genitals would fit. There are, however, more cases where I'm disappointed that the character has human genitals than cases where I'm disappointed that the character has their animal-equivalent. I really like the variety of genitals, mostly penises, in the animal kingdom, or whatever the artist decides to come up with, so it's nice to see them as well.


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Female: Either way. I guess it would vary on a case by case basis. But I have yet to see a pic of Dot Warner with a dog pussy and would kill to see one. Ironicly, I prefer human pussies over cloacas on feral reptiles.